I’m a lawyer at Workers’ Health and Safety Legal Clinic, a legal aid clinic that represents vulnerable workers across Ontario who face employment and/or health and safety issues at work. The bulk of my work involves workers who have been wrongfully fired after asserting their rights at work. An unforgettable career highlight so far has been appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada. 

Besides this blog, you can find some of my articles syndicated on The Financial DietThought Catalog, and Medium. Over the past year and a half, my writing has amassed over 1.7+ million views.

From time to time I take on a select number of freelance clients. If you’re interested in working together, send me an e-mail at


What I Talk About When I Talk About Minimalism

Deliberate Discourse is a blog about minimalism with a twist. Minimalism is most often associated with decluttering our homes but I believe there’s real social, economic and environmental benefits to consuming less that is often not talked about. I like to explore some of the extrinsic benefits here on the blog, dubbed under a concept I call progressive minimalism  (see: Progressive Minimalism Manifesto). My blog posts generally fall under a few categories:

  • Personal – Thoughts on sustainable living from conscious consumerism to carving out time for boredom, creativity and high-quality leisure.

  • Work/Productivity – Thoughts on building a progressive career, avoiding the #hustleculture like the plague, improving skills through deliberate practice, working no more than 40 hour per week, and more.

  • Economics – Thoughts on post-growth economics and other alternative economic theories that focus on reducing the wealth gap and redistributing resources while staying within planetary boundaries.